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Wellbeing & Compassion Fatigue Education For Animal Welfare Organizations

The Compassion in Balance Program offers flexible, year-round education and resources specifically designed to support the wellbeing of animal welfare and protection professionals.

Help Staff Build Compassion Resilience Skills

Program Outcome #1

Increased Awareness and Competence

Help everyone in your organization recognize the impact of high-stress, trauma-exposed work and understand the organizational policies and individual practices that can support wellbeing at work. 

Participants will learn foundational skills such as self-awareness of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to manage stress and increase professional competence and effectiveness. 

Program Outcome #2

Increased Healthy Coping Skills

Animal care is emotionally challenging work. Participants will learn skills to better navigate intense emotions, reduce reactivity, build healthy boundaries, recover with self-care, and support their staff.

These are critical skills for every member of your organization to learn and practice, so that you can continue to offer compassionate care in your community. 

Program Outcome #3

Increased Supportive Connections 

Social support is strengthened and conflict is reduced through team activities designed to help coworkers and departments build trust, understanding, appreciation, and shared resilience skills.

Managers learn trauma-informed supervision skills to increase the effectiveness of staff support and to create a more compassionate, humane culture within your organization. 

‚ÄúIf your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.‚ÄĚ

- Jack Kornfield

What's Included?

The CiB Program includes 3 main components that can be used in various ways to support your group:

Compassion Fatigue Self Study

A comprehensive, on-demand continuing education course.

Staff at all levels will learn how to recognize and manage empathic distress aka Compassion Fatigue, reduce stress and distress, practice self-care and peer care, shift their outlook, and increase resiliency.

Resilient Teams Training Series

A series of 6 trainings for your teams. 

Help teams build trust, connection, and resiliency skills. Designed to be facilitated by your own staff or a volunteer. 

Peers will learn how to address common stressors together through structured lesson plans. 

Comprehensive Resource Library

A regularly updated, in-depth library.

This unique resource hub is filled with "just-in-time" micro-lessons addressing the unique challenges of animal welfare work.

Staff at all levels, including leadership, can find what they need when they need it, no prerequisites required.

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 Why Choose CiB?

The CiB Program provides year round, on-demand compassion fatigue education and support for every team member, from your animal care attendants to your medical director to your volunteer coordinator. 


CiB is the only compassion resilience program designed specifically to address the unique challenges and joys of animal care, protection, and welfare work. 


You’ll find unique strategies and resources tailored to your field, created by someone who has decades of animal welfare experience.    

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‚ÄúI really appreciate the completeness of the information Jessica presents. She brings the latest evidence-based, embodied approach to Compassion Fatigue and presents it in tangible ways so that everyone can walk away with something.‚ÄĚ


- Medical Director, U.S. Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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