The CiB Program:

Self Study Course

The Compassion Fatigue Self Study Course Overview


The CiB program is made up of 3 components: Self Study Course, Team Trainings, and Resource Center.

All 3 components are included in the CiB Program and can be combined in various ways to create a learning experience that works best for your organization.


A closer look at the Self Study:


The Self Study Course focuses on critical resilience skills, so that staff stress less and perform more effectively.


This unique class helps animal welfare workers better understand compassion fatigue, how to manage stress, practice self-care, and increase resiliency.


Core skills taught in the course include: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Stress management and self-regulation
  • Self-care and healthy coping
  • Self-compassion and mindfulness
  • Intentional outlook and more!¬†

What's Included? 

Each participant receives:

  • Comprehensive PDF workbook to download and keep
  • Individual log-in and access to class from any device
  • Individual assessments
  • One year access to materials online
  • Certificate of completion¬†

Group discussion prompts are available for those who wish to learn and practice new skills together. 

A quiz and certificate of completion demonstrate participation.

Originally launched in 2014 (and updated many times since!), the self-study course has helped more than a thousand animal care and welfare workers and volunteers to be well, while they do good work.

Plus, access to the Team Trainings and the Resource Center!

“We love the self-study class! My staff and I have all completed the course and they speak very highly of it.

We did the course on our own and met to have group discussions too. Thank you for the wonderful training!‚Ä̬†


- Jennifer, Supervisor, U.S. Animal Shelter

CiB Self Study FAQS

 "The course was animal shelter specific and the instructor truly understands the needs of our staff. We thought it was very effective...

The course helps us to have better conversations with staff and make effective referrals to our employee assistance program and other resources."  


‚Äď Laura, Executive Director, U.S. Animal¬†Shelter

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Interested in learning about the other components in CiB? Check out The Team Trainings or The Resource Center


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