The Compassion in Balance Program

Transforming compassion fatigue into compassion resilience is absolutely possible for your organization. 

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An Online Program That Will Help Your Staff Thrive In Trauma-Exposed Work

Animal welfare professionals are particularly susceptible to secondary traumatic stress because of the vulnerable nature of the animals they care for and the unpredictable nature of their jobs. When staff are suffering, this lessens the organization’s ability to achieve their mission. The Compassion in Balance program is here to help.

Increased Resilience

Developing resilience through professional training can buffer workers from emotional exhaustion and improves their overall well-being, protecting them from the predictable risks of secondary traumatic stress on the job.   

Improved Performance

When complex-stress and trauma-exposure go unaddressed within an organization, it can contribute to high turnover, lack of engagement, and low morale, which limits the ability to work effectively and efficiently.  Tackle it head on to improve quality of care and impact. 

Thriving Culture

Create a shared understanding and new skills that will enhance well-being, improve communication, foster employee engagement, build trust across all levels, and supportive relationships among teams. 

"Compassion in Balance has helped me tremendously. I was on the verge of quitting mid to end of last year and I feel like I’m finally in a better place now. We’ve had compassion fatigue training before, but none of it really focused on working with animals and it didn’t really make sense. You’ve bridged the gap for me and I truly appreciate it!” "

Megan S.
Volunteer Coordinator, Animal Shelter

What Included In The Program

Education and Assessments

Animal sheltering is a field with its own unique challenges. This program is specifically tailored to animal welfare organizations and offers a variety of educational tools that apply to your workplace. 

Unlimited Enrollment

Your entire staff, no matter how large, is welcome to join the program. Each employee will have their own log-in and can access the program from anywhere in the world. 

Expert Support

Developing new skills and reducing the impact of complex-stress in trauma-exposed workplaces takes time. You'll have ongoing monthly support from Jessica for an entire year to help you implement changes. 

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