The Compassion in Balance Program:

Resource Center

The Just-in-Time Resource Center Overview


The CiB program is made up of 3 components: Self Study Course, Team Trainings, and Resource Center.

All 3 components are included in the CiB Program and can be combined in various ways to create a learning experience that works best for your organization.


A closer look at the Resource Center: 


This regularly updated online library of micro-learnings, tools, and expert interviews provides accessible, just-in-time educational resources on a variety of topics to support overall wellbeing.


The Resource Center provides micro-lessons specific to the unique stressors of animal welfare work.


Participants can log-in and browse topics to find what they need when they need it, no pre-requisites required.

This is a dynamic library, responding to animal welfare workers most frequently asked questions about their work-related stressors. 

Supervisors, HR, and veterinary social workers can use the Resource Center as a flexible tool to support staff.

Lessons include reflection questions that can be discussed 1-1 or in group education sessions.

What's Included?


Lessons are available in multiple formats: text, audio, video, in-depth interviews, downloadable tools, and more.

Some topics covered include: trauma, mindset, conflict, euthanasia, self-care, boundaries, debriefing, grief, mental health, difficult emotions, organizational health, and supervisor skills.

Individuals can submit questions anonymously and new content is added regularly throughout the year to address current issues.

Coming Fall 2024: Manager MicroCourse with Certificate on Reflective Supervision Skills

Expert interviews with veterinary social workers, coaches, authors, animal chaplains, and animal welfare professionals. 

Access to the Self Study and Team Trainings!

Guest Experts Include

CiB Resource Center FAQS

 "Through these lessons, I have learned how to better care for not only myself, but my staff as well.


I have learned valuable coping strategies and conflict management skills that are helpful at work and in my personal life."


- Kara, Canine Team Supervisor, U.S. Shelter

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