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Unique Training Options Designed For Animal Welfare Organizations

The Compassion in Balance Program consists of 3 stand-alone training options.


Choose the training or a combination of trainings that works best for your organization.


The CiB Self-Study Course

An affordable, on-demand, training option to support staff at all levels. 

In this 6 module online course, you and your staff will learn how to recognize Compassion Fatigue and develop new healthy skills to help manage the impact of stress and distress. The course allows ample time for everyone to learn and grow at their own pace. Staff can log-in on their own devices at work or home. 

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Building Resilient Teams Training

On-demand training series to help strengthen your teams. 

Build trust, connection, and resiliency skills together with 6 one-hour trainings designed to be facilitated by your own staff. Coworkers will learn how to address common stressors together through structured lessons that include videos, discussions, worksheets, and action steps.

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Live Custom Webinar

An engaging, live class designed to support your entire organization.

Come together as an organization to  learn and practice strategies that can help everyone feel less stressed and more in control. Customized for your group's needs, a live webinar with Jessica can help your people to care for themselves and one another more effectively, so they can continue to make an impact.

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Why choose CiB?  

CiB is the only compassion resilience program designed specifically to address the unique challenges and joys of animal care and welfare organizations. 


You’ll find unique strategies and guidance tailored to the field, created by someone who has decades of animal welfare experience.  


This unique on-demand, online class is designed to help animal care workers better understand compassion fatigue, how to manage stress, practice self-care, and increase resiliency.

Participants have access to 6 online modules with videos and activities to help them learn the following resilience skills, so that they can feel better and perform more effectively: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Stress management and self-regulation
  • Self-care and healthy coping
  • Self-compassion and mindfulness
  • Intentional outlook and more!

Each participant receives:

  • Comprehensive PDF workbook to download and keep
  • Individual log-in and access to class from any device
  • Individual assessments
  • One year access to classroom
  • Certificate of completion 

Group discussion prompts are available for those who wish to learn and practice new skills together. A quiz and certificate of completion demonstrate participation.

Course enrollment can be purchased in packages of 5, 10, or 25 individual licenses (enrollments are licensed to individuals, not a shared location).

Launched in 2014, the self-study course has helped more than a thousand animal care and welfare professionals and volunteers to be well, while they do good work!

CiB Self Study FAQS

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Megan, Volunteer Coordinator, U.S. Animal Shelter

"Compassion in Balance has helped me tremendously. I was on the verge of quitting last year and I feel like I’m finally in a better place now. We’ve had compassion fatigue training before, but none of it really focused on working with animals and it didn’t really make sense. You’ve bridged the gap for me and I truly appreciate it!"


When it comes to wellbeing and performance, who we work with and how we work together matters.

Research has shown social support at work (caring, collaborative coworkers and supervisor) is the most significant factor associated with higher scores of compassion satisfaction.

These six structured team trainings are designed to help coworkers build new resilience skills together. Facilitated by someone within your organization, each training includes short videos, discussion prompts, worksheets, and action steps.  

Together they'll learn how to: 

  • Reduce reactivity with self-regulation
  • Shift their outlook towards realistic optimism 
  • Use zone of control thinking to cope with difficult emotions
  • Express appreciation and gratitude
  • Communicate constructively 
  • Create a values-based team culture and more!

Each organization receives: 

  • Access to all six trainings which include videos, discussion guidelines, worksheets, and logs
  • PDF workbooks, including The Facilitator's Guide and a Planning Workbook, to download and keep
  • Additional resources for managers to help them support staff
  • PDF posters for your facility 
  • Up to 5 individual log-ins and access from any device
  • One year access to the trainings

CiB Team Training FAQS

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Julie, Manager, Animal Health & Protection, Canadian Shelter 

"After taking many compassion fatigue related trainings I can say that after all this time yours has provided me with the most valuable skills. What I learned has allowed me to continue my career in animal welfare for the last six years."


Join Jessica live for an engaging webinar for your entire organization! Webinars are designed to support your staff and volunteers during COVID-19 and beyond. 

In every webinar, your team will learn and practice strategies that can help them feel less stressed and more in control, so that they can more effectively care for themselves and continue to make an impact.

Included in each webinar:
• Online needs assessment to customize webinar for your group’s needs
• Live private webinar held on Zoom
Recording of webinar for your group to keep
PDF workbook for participants to download and keep

Presentation Topics Include:
Compassion Fatigue Foundations for Helping Professionals

  • Focus: Understanding what Compassion Fatigue is and how it affects us, plus the six strategies everyone can implement to reduce the impact and increase overall resilience. This is an excellent introduction to both the occupational challenges your team faces and the healthy changes individuals and leadership can make to improve quality of life on and off the job, so you can keep making a big impact for animals and people.

Pump the Brakes on Stress: How to Stop Spinning Out on Stress

  • Focus: Understanding how the stress response impacts us and our interactions with others, learning a variety of self-regulation skills as self-care, and cultivating an intentional mindset, so that we can stay calm, connected, and productive in challenging times. This is the perfect webinar for staff who are struggling with stress due workload and COVID.  


Live Webinar FAQS

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J. Gutierrez, COO Animal Legal Defense Fund

“I’m reaching out to let you know how pleased I was with the COVID session you put on for our team, and more importantly to share that I received numerous compliments about your session from staff – your work and style really seemed to resonate with them. I received more positive feedback for you than any other guest speaker we’ve ever had at ALDF. A heartfelt thank you from me and the team.” 

General FAQs

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